What’s New

The version you are looking at contains a number of improvements over the previous one, such as:

  • Two brand new tonemapping operators: ferradans and mai
  • Optional automatic adjustment of LDRs levels
  • Greater EV values range in HDR Creation Wizard
  • Restore load/save curves in HDR Creation Wizard
  • Fix various crashes
  • Export to HTML (Create a webpage with embedded HDR viewer)
  • Better printing support and print preview in Help Browser
  • A new “Dark Theme” (beta) and native platform icons support
  • Switch UI full screen (F11), show LDRs and HDRs images full screen (F10)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) translation
  • Other small impovements and bugfixing as usual

Previous release features and fixes:

  • Color Management Support (read/write ICC profiles, soft proofing, gamut check)
  • Selection of output image size and quality in Batch TM
  • Fixed memory leak in Batch HDR
  • Fattal and Reinhard02 now thread safe (speed improvement with multicore processors)
  • Windows: Better OS Integration

Due to lack of active developers please don’t expect much other than cleanups and documentation updates in the coming releases.