Command Line HDR CreationΒΆ

Below are shown the command line switches used to create an HDR image and tonemap it. The relevant ones to just create an HDR are: -a to select the automatic alignment engine, -e to enter the EV values (one per image) if the images do not contain Exif data, –hdrModel to select the creation model and -s to save the resulting HDR

Usage: ./luminance-hdr-cli [OPTIONS]... [INPUTFILES]...:

-h [ –help ] Display this help. -V [ –version ] Display program version. -v [ –verbose ] Print more messages during execution. -c [ –cameras ] Print a list of all supported cameras. -a [ –align ] arg [AIS|MTB] Align Engine to use during HDR creation (default: no alignment). -e [ –ev ] arg EV1,EV2,... Specify numerical EV values (as many as INPUTFILES). -d [ –savealigned ] arg prefix Save aligned images to files which names start with prefix -l [ –load ] arg HDR_FILE Load an HDR instead of creating a new one. -s [ –save ] arg HDR_FILE Save to a HDR file format. (default: don’t save) -g [ –gamma ] arg VALUE Gamma value to use during tone mapping. (default: 1) -r [ –resize ] arg VALUE Width you want to resize your HDR to (resized before gamma and tone mapping) -o [ –output ] arg LDR_FILE File name you want to save your tone mapped LDR to. -t [ –autoag ] arg THRESHOLD Enable auto anti-ghosting with given threshold. (0.0-1.0) -b [ –autolevels ] Apply autolevels correction after tonemapping. -w [ –createwebpage ] Enable generation of a webpage with embedded HDR viewer.

HDR creation parameters - you must either load an existing HDR file (via the -l option) or specify INPUTFILES to create a new HDR:

--hdrWeight arg
 weight = triangular|gaussian|plateau|flat (Default is triangular)
--hdrResponseCurve arg
 response curve = from_file|linear|gamma|log|srgb (Default is linear)
--hdrModel arg model: robertson|robertsonauto|debevec (Default is debevec)
--hdrCurveFilename arg
 curve filename = your_file_here.m

LDR output parameters:

-q [ –ldrQuality ] arg VALUE Quality of the saved tone mapped file (1-100). –ldrTiff arg Tiff format. Legal values are [8b|16b|32b|logluv] (Default is 8b) –ldrTiffDeflate arg Tiff deflate compression. true|false (Default is true)

HTML output parameters:

-k [ –htmlQuality ] arg VALUE Quality of the interpolated exposures, from the worst (1) to the best(4).
Higher quality will introduce less distortions in the brightest and the darkest tones, but will also generate more images. More images means that there is moredata that needs to be transferred to the web-browser, making HDR viewer less responsive. (Default is 2, which is sufficient for most applications)
--pageName arg Specifies the file name, of the web page to be generated. If <page_name> is missing, the file name of the first image with .html extension will be used. (Default is first image name)
--imagesDir arg

Specify where to store the resulting image files Links to images in HTML will be updated accordingly. This must be a relative path and the directory must exist.

Useful to avoid clutter in the current directory. (Default is current working directory)

Tone mapping parameters - no tonemapping is performed unless -o is specified:

--tmo arg Tone mapping operator. Legal values are: [ashikhmin|drago|durand|fattal|ferradans| pattanaik|reinhard02|reinhard05|mai|mantiuk06|mantiuk08] (Default is mantiuk06)
--tmofile arg SETTING_FILE Load an existing setting file containing pre-gamma and all TMO settings


--tmoFatAlpha arg
 alpha FLOAT
--tmoFatBeta arg
 beta FLOAT
--tmoFatColor arg
 color FLOAT
--tmoFatNoise arg
 noise FLOAT
--tmoFatNew arg
 new true|false


--tmoFerRho arg
 rho FLOAT
--tmoFerInvAlpha arg
 inv_alpha FLOAT

Mantiuk 06:

--tmoM06Contrast arg
 contrast FLOAT
--tmoM06Saturation arg
 saturation FLOAT
--tmoM06Detail arg
 detail FLOAT
--tmoM06ContrastEqual arg
 equalization true|false

Mantiuk 08:

--tmoM08ColorSaturation arg
 color saturation FLOAT
--tmoM08ConstrastEnh arg
 contrast enhancement FLOAT
--tmoM08LuminanceLvl arg
 luminance level FLOAT
--tmoM08SetLuminance arg
 enable luminance level true|false


--tmoDurSigmaS arg
 spatial kernel sigma FLOAT
--tmoDurSigmaR arg
 range kernel sigma FLOAT
--tmoDurBase arg
 base contrast FLOAT


--tmoDrgBias arg
 bias FLOAT

Reinhard 02:

--tmoR02Key arg
 key value FLOAT
--tmoR02Phi arg
 phi FLOAT
--tmoR02Scales arg
 use scales true|false
--tmoR02Num arg
 range FLOAT
--tmoR02Low arg
 lower scale FLOAT
--tmoR02High arg
 upper scale FLOAT

Reinhard 05:

--tmoR05Brightness arg
 Brightness FLOAT
--tmoR05Chroma arg
 Chroma adaption FLOAT
--tmoR05Lightness arg
 Light adaption FLOAT


--tmoAshEq2 arg
 Equation number 2 true|false
--tmoAshSimple arg
 Simple true|false
--tmoAshLocal arg
 Local threshold FLOAT


--tmoPatMultiplier arg
 multiplier FLOAT
--tmoPatLocal arg
 Local tone mapping true|false
--tmoPatAutoLum arg
 Auto luminance true|false
--tmoPatCone arg
 cone level FLOAT
--tmoPatRod arg
 rod level FLOAT